Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hybrid Journalling

I really like making journal pages in Photoshop (and occasionally I use Artrage too) I appreciate the flexibility that the layers provide, the ease of designing and changing my mind. Trying out different techniques, colours etc etc.

Sometime I print these as is and have incorporated them into journals exactly as they came off the printer. Recently I adhered a printed page to a journal page and then went to work incorporating the printed piece into the book page. And I'm pleased with the result :

The printed page is 5" x 7" Each of the book pages is near enough 5 3/8" so that the spread comes to near enough 10 7/8"

I used similar colours, shapes and the general 'feel' of the printed page to make it 'fit into' the book page.

I mixed shimmer eye shadow with water and a touch of glue to add the shimmery details on the page.

The small dots were roughly stenciled on a background painted with acrylics.

Overlapping the print in places to blend the elements into a unit. I also stamped a quote from the printed page that I wanted to emphasize. ('full of wonder')

I'm looking forward to experimenting with more hybrid pages for sure!