Thursday, January 21, 2016

Love This Quote...

Having just started a new painting, I'm reminded how true this is, regardless of who may have said it...

The page n the left is a napkin. I only had one of them though, so I added a mirror of the colours with paint on the right hand page. Some spray splatters tied it all together.

The stamp set is by Recollections that I bought from Michaels. No problem cutting out all the letters. The background was so quick to do that this was completed in very little time!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Silence Can Be Deceiving....

Just because the blog is quiet, doesn't mean nothing is happening in real life. Although it is always nice to see or hear what is happening, right?

So what have I been doing?

Well as soon as I get the pictures processed I'll update you with what is currently happening on my table, but in the meantime, here are some pages I've done in the last little while :

These are all pages from a study on the Book of Job. I stumbled across the study on Facebook and have enjoyed it so far. It lasted all of 2015, and I joined late and fell even further behind, BUT I think it is about the journey, not just finishing. I like to finish, but not at the cost of the journey.

I'm using an old Dairy Diary for this. It has a sturdy hard cover, is spiral bound and a good size.

Most of the papers are the 'waste catchers' from my desk, but sometimes I'm intentional with how I mess those up, I do confess.

The first page deals with the names of God used here as well as the name 'Job' and the meanings of the names, which is rather significant here. The background here is a yummy paper left from those ICADs from the summer!

Taking a closer look at Job...

A verse that I was reminded of during the study. I was not happy with how it turned out at first so I stamped it all out on a separate paper so I could cover up the bits I didn't like. There really is no need to be scared about messing things up in art journalling!

It is unusual for me to make a journal page without words, but in this one I didn't feel it was necessary. Darkness turns to light (white) through the blood of Jesus and along the journey to perfection (top right corner) there is the route over and through the refiner's fire to purify the gold and silver. It is all based on the strong imagery found the Bible.

Here I made another mistake by having the papers too large, so when I came to sticking them into the book, I had to fold the outside strips in. Now it is a somewhat 'interactive' page Ha!

I wanted to be more bold in depicting unpleasantness and yet not 'be ugly in your face' This page deals with the integrity of Job while he was suffering, scratching himself with a potsherd while sitting in the ashes. I took real ashes and mixed it with glue to add texture to the page...and did have to splatter red paint on there too. Life isn't always pretty...

Just a little update for now. I'm still crafting away - updates here MeisiesDoodles and doing art - Reflections. So life continues on in a busy fashion! I have a painting in the works too.

All I need to do is post more regularly. I get carried away creating and don't always feel like pausing to blog.

Have a great week!