Friday, October 22, 2010


Continuing work on the 1984 journal...this will probably make a nice intro page. I started with the idea of making something way more busy and with lots of bits and pieces...but then it seemed like that would spoil the over all impact. I kinda like it plain like this...


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

1984 - A Journal Recap

During 1984 I kept my diary/journal in a poetry format. This book is looking much the worse for wear, mainly because the pages are going yellow. Everything is just stark black-on-white type written.It has a certain charm all it's own, but I've wanted to pick out a few pages and redo them. I'm aiming for 20-25 in total and will have to see if that will work out. Many of the thoughts need not be 'redone'....lots of young 'boy-do-I-have-a-lot-to-learn' stuff, but some need to be given a face lift for sure.

I'm working through the book (we bound it into a proper book back then) and will see how it goes. Who knows I may even abandon the project...or I could end up with a 50 page journal ;-)

Ice Cold

Fun stuff....or is it? Makes me feel young again, but I tell you I'm glad I'm the only one reading that stuff. Some of it is so really? Did I say that? Did I think that? No way.....ROFLOL

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Son Centered

For the Week # 41 Itinerary : What I want my life to look like today :

Son Centered

It took me a while to get the words to say what I want them to say, using a few words as possible. I hope it makes sense to you ;-)  I find that whenever He (Jesus) is moved out of the center of my universe - moved by me that is - life just 'isn't' and I just 'am not'

Friday, October 1, 2010

I Beg Your Pardon....

Do you remember this song? I still remember the look of puzzlement on my son's face when I first quoted this to him....whaaaat?....was what his face 'said'

I've always felt there is truth in this saying. Besides, without the rain there will be no garden at all.

You can find details about what I used for my page HERE

Now this word "Pardon" is the prompt for the Art Journey Caravan for Week 33. I decided not to worry about sequence at all and instead to just make pages and select them for inclusion in the book when I've :
1) done them all
2) said what I wanted to say
3) get tired of it all

I know the last is most unlikely, but I like lists longer than 2......what more can I say?

Happy weekend!