Sunday, June 28, 2015

ICAD June 2015 - Week 04

The month is speeding by.  I find I have less time than expected, so I'll see about doing July or not. I'd like to though...

Prompts appealing to me this week, relates to fabric and wall papers etc. The full lists of prompts can be found HERE

I plan to use some of the stamps my sister gave me a few years ago. These stamps are inspired by textiles and quilts in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. I have used them so much on so many different projects! For fabric I looked for small cut offs that I have around and pieces that were not yet secured into my art journal!

Day 22 - Started of uncertain, but I ended up with something I like well enough. Here the white embossed flower is from the stamp set.
Coloured with alcohol inks and white embossing powder for the florals.

Day 23 - I got pretty close to giving this one up for a lost cause...until those tiny white flowers saved the day. Still not crazy about it, but it will have to do. The large blue flower and the 'berry vines' are from the stamp sets.
Coloured with alcohol inks, white embossing powder on the tiny blooms.

Day 24 - This delicious piece of fabric was loose in my art journal. It quickly found it's way onto this card. The flowers are from a border stamp in the collection.
Coloured with alcohol inks.

Day 25 - I worked in soft colours. Not very common for me, but I liked the way it looked and decided to stop before ruining it (possibly) The threads are from fabric on previous days' cards. The floral background stamp is from the collection. I heat embossed it and the scissors with white powder and added a little 'Sketch and Wash' shading to help it pop. I continue adding some stitching/thread to the cards too I noticed...
The colour here is all water colours.

Day 26 - 

Another piece of fabric that was still loose in the art journal and has now found a home in the icad box. Another stamp from the collection, some alcohol inks, a touch of water colour and it's all done. Just some zig-zag stitches along the edge to finish it off. I like how this one turned out!

Day 27- Another piece of the fabric I used earlier in the week. It reminded me of my grandma and I made the rest of the card in the same vein. That larger background stamp is a winner and I like that the 2 bg stamps (one per set) are designed for a a no-seam repeat. The card was quick to do and I'm very happy with it. The white dots are made with a white Sharpie pen. The black alcohol spray ink is decidedly purple grey (reminds me of Payne's Grey), I might have to add more black to it!

Day 28 -  Final card for the fabric theme in this icad. The last stamp of the collection. I've now used them all. I also added that tiny button stamp because I needed a small filler. The large flowers were stamped with Momento dye inks and the rest of the colour is from water soluble metallic pencils. The metallic doesn't show much once water is added, but the colours are very pretty. I also added the frayed pieces from yesterday and a few snippets of the crochet thread/cotton I used for the stitching throughout the week. Some scribbling on the stamped images completed this card.

I enjoyed this week of icads, which made me think that maybe I will continue into July after all. Let's see how it goes, shall we?

ps I featured the box containing the cards up to this point in a 'Scavenger Hunt' sketch. See it here.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

ICAD June 2015 Week 03

The prompts for this week did nothing for me, but I did like the technique prompts which called for collage.

I always have bits & pieces of interesting papers and 'stuff' around. It is more a matter of making the choices than that of finding something!

I did want to be less random about the next 7 cards though so I decided to make a large background piece in Photoshop using a variety of tools and printed it in grey scale. This would give me a starting point for a thread that would allow me to create a cohesive set of cards.

From here on I cut, tore, painted, sprayed and otherwise altered the original print.

Day 15 -  I stuck the plain card onto the print and trimmed it out. That was when  I noticed the word 'commerce' on the bottom. That decided the 'theme' for me. I found a couple stamps to suit, dug into the postage stamp collection and found some stamps from Zimbabwe that suited the bill. They all have to do with commerce in one way or another and the colours worked with what I had sprayed onto the card for a start. I also added thin white tissue to push some elements more into the background. Gesso will do the same but I like the look and feel of tissue paper.

Day 16 -  The first layer for this was the blue tissue paper that a gift was wrapped in. I used some of yesterday's off cuts from the printed paper as well as another stamp, that fitted with the colours that were already on the card. That snippet from a letter from a friend fitted in both in colour and subject matter. Some stamping and added colour (water colour) was all that was needed. Finally a blast of yellow alcohol ink to introduce some warmth into the rather cool card. Reminds me of the midnight sun in the arctic.

Day 17 - I had a grey image of a flower on the card, which I tried to bring out with paint and colour pencil, but totally unsuccessfully. Eventually the only way to rescue it, was to cut a flower and stick it on. Not quite what I was aiming for, but not a total loss either. I do like the rest of the card though! The thick white paint is so great to work with. It has just enough moisture left to be smeared.

Day 18 - I liked the look of the cut outs from yesterday's flower, so decided to use the negative pieces here. I had cut the flowers from the backing paper that catches the spray by etc. A few off-cuts from the collage sheet and a couple of postage stamps was all I felt it needed to be finished. A really 'simple' card that I could have done a lot more too....and had to work hard to resist doing!

Day 19 - I remembered these gecko images cut from a Telus ad, and since 'collage' was in order for the week, they were included. They make me smile. I had another of those flowers here that gave me trouble on Day 17. This time I painted it bright yellow and covered the whole flower with a yellow dimension paint thingie that I bought years ago. I was surprised (and pleased) it hadn't dried up yet. Then I scooped some left over gold glitter glue from and old and drying glitter glue pen, for the center.  I like the grainy water colours...

Day 20 - More gecko and more grainy water colours. I like the wc so much on yesterday's card I decided I had to play with it some more. I think I would faint of wc did this on a painting, but for this kind of stuff it is perfect! Yay for very cheap high school water colour boxes! The stack of balls of wool/yarn are from yarn catalogues.

Day 21 - Faced with yet another flower, I decided to go dimensional again, this time using coloured paper and it turned out ok. I snipped the tip off the QP that I used a couple days before for the glitter glue, and stuck that on the flower center. I had one more gecko left and decided to include him with his buddies in the set.

The experiment with the collage paper was interesting, and I'm sure I will be doing more along those lines, but even so I'm glad to move on to another set of cards for next week, with a different focus.
I'm enjoying this icad adventure, although I must say it is rather monopolizing my desk at the moment. I don't see myself doing this as a 365 thing, but certainly as something to keep on doing in bursts. It is the perfect way to do something refreshing and creative when you are pressed for time or even limited in supplies.
I have a few ideas for themes that I think will work better in index card form than in a journal/book form, but I'll see what is needed as soon as I get to planning more details for their execution.

For more information on this year's icad take a look HERE

Sunday, June 14, 2015

ICAD June 2015 Week 2

This week's prompts is to use paints and there is a daily colour combination suggestion. Really really nice ones.

Day 8 - grapefruit & cherry. I was still in the same 'mode' as last week. This is not very inspired...

Day 9 - carrot and lemon. Also a left over from last week. Not a bad but had I just played with the colours and paint, both the last 2 cards might have been more vibrant.

Day 10 - ginger & eggplant. Great colours together and the new stamp set that had just arrived begged to be used ;-)

Day 11 - mango & lime. I finally broke out the (craft) acrylics and immediately wished I had done so before. This was very fast moving, imprompto and 'free' I had no idea if it will work, but I knew I liked the colours and I'm pleased with the card

Day 12 - parsnip & kiwi. Not as vibrant, but I like how it turned out. The black splatters are the kiwi seeds ;-) It is much too easy to revert to splattering and spray/dripping on every card, so I try to restrain myself. Here it seemed appropriate though.

Day 13 - blueberry plum. This one gave me no end of trouble. Still don't know that I like it. Not even a bit. But I'm not going to fuss over it any more.

Day 14 - Salt & Pepper. I certainly could have done something more involved, but I wanted it 'simple' and I like the result!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

ICAD 2015

Index Card a Day for 2015.

This is my first go at the challenge over at Daisy Yellow. I hope to see it through at the same time I have no intention of stressing over it either. Got to keep a balance, right?

My intention is to post weekly, on Sundays seeing as the challenge started on a Monday.

I used inks, chevrons and stamping for this one. This using some of Daisy's prompt challenges. Again I may keep it up or I may just wing it some times. We'll see how it goes.(I do like the idea of a challenge though, just to see what I can do with someone else's ideas ;-) )

Day 1

Day 2 - I used the 'Carnival' idea prompt, but also the 2nd exercise/doodle idea from 'Keys to drawing With Imagination' by Bert Dodson. I've had this book for quite a while and like to spot read in it, but decided to follow the sequential exercises to see how it goes. Not too keen on the card for today, but moving right along.

Day 3 called for a map...I decided to draw one of the property where I grew up. Pretty meaningless to anyone but my family and was surprisingly enjoyable to do though. Sure brought back memories!

Day 4 - mail box. Well I decided to go for some of the great stuff inside a mail box instead.  Postage stamps is an art form I have great appreciation for...

Day 5 - taxi, which was actually the prompt for day 6, but then again...'whatever' as I'm not following prompts exactly. Which brings me to some sort of comment here : Regardless of whether I follow a prompt on not, I find it almost always interesting to at least explore it. For example I had no intention of making a card with a taxi, yet I did find myself thinking about taxi's and my experiences with taxi's and I actually my end up doing a journal page on that in the future (because the stories are funny)
And the word TAXI, does have X and I in it, which I like purely as design elements. So I included that. They got rather obscured eventually but I can still find them and they are part of the fabric of the card.
The foundation for this card is a piece of tissue (as in Kleenex) that I had used for mopping up paint/ cleaning stamps etc. I stuck this to the card and trimmed the excess off. Then I remembered that 2 years ago we were visiting at the cathedral and I had this tiny picture...and then the card grew out of that. This leads to that to that and to that. And soon enough you add finishing touches and the card is done.

I chose not to crop the picture as it is shown on the sheet of regular typing paper that I have underneath when I work. It catches spray by, excess stamping (and I clean stamps on it/use it for stamp off) and generally saves my work surface from all I throw at it.  This eventually becomes a sheet for writing a letter on, or get more 'dirty' and become a background sheet for a journal or more cards. I rarely throw these away, they are much too interesting.

Day 6 - I just did my own thing here : that stamp with the scissors on started it all. I think a bit of sewing would have been appropriate, but seeing as I'm in the middle of a sewing project, I was not going to change thread and needle for 31/2 inches of stitching. So the stapler had to help out. Hey that has long been a stand in rescue for instant mending!

...and #7 - periodic table. I'm not sure this one is finished, but I'll see about re-visiting it in a few days. The writing refers to my high school science teacher who thought I may have something against him personally as I was a good all round student, but terrible in science (hated physics & chemistry) - I guess he never spoke to the math teacher... ;-) I was happy to assure him it wasn't. He was a good teacher and a nice person....but oh! the subject he taught....

And that's it for the first week. The prompts for next week look really nice, all paints and colours. looking forward to a little play time every day!