Wednesday, July 29, 2015

ICAD July 2015 - Week 09

And so the ICAD for this year has come to an end. It has been interesting, enjoyable, boring, annoying, refreshing - you get the idea-

Again HERE is where the details are listed.

Day 57   For this last group of cards I didn't even consider the prompts as I noticed bits and pieces all over the desk, that would be a shame to throw away. Instead I decided to use them for the cards. Thus most of these have some echo somewhere back to previous cards in this collection.
Day 57 also has a piece of paint 'skin' on. It looked much to nice to just throw away... It is stuck on quite flat, the 'shadow' was added with paint. Those animal stencil date back to the 70's when we got them in cereal boxes.

Day 58 - A piece of 'desk protector' paper found it's way one this one. This clearly dates from the 'mud' stenciling week 

Day 59 - More protector sheets, some hand carved stamps and paint splats.

Day 60  -  More 'mud stenciling' a piece of fabric from week 04, and another one of those old stencils. This one got a bit of doodling too since stamping is so awkward over the raised areas.

Day 61 -   I'm still undecided as to which way round this one should be oriented. I keep changing my mind!

I finished it this way round....but then thought I also like it the other way round....I had it this way round when adding the shadows. Whichever way....I like this one. More protector paper, hand carved stamps, stamps selected but never used from week 03  and a few paint splatters.

There we are. It is always nice to finish a challenge.

Friday, July 24, 2015

ICAD July 2015 Week 08

Well just look at that. All those cards! My little index card box is getting full...and to think just the other day those first few cards were getting lost in it's vast interior.

Week 08 -  The index list can be found HERE For this week, the theme was maps and cartography, geography etc. I need no excuse to grab a map, so I found some...and that led to travelling and that led to vacation...

I put all the cards out on the table, numbered them on the back and then started sticking the maps randomly on cards, tearing paper, and just working quickly. Next I sprayed and coloured, working on all the cards simultaneously. Took out stamps that seem to suit and stamped away, did some embossing and inking on the edges etc. It was a different way of doing it, but it worked out really well and the cards came together rather quickly.

Day 50

Day 51

Day 52

Day 53

Day 54 - I like the effect here on the embossed swirl. I rubbed charcoal over it, in the hope of making a shadow effect on the bg paper. that being glossy would have none of it though, but look how interesting the swirl turned out! So of course I had to do that on the cards for Day 50 and 53 too.

Day 55

Day 56

And here we are with 5 cards to go for next week. How time just flies by...

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

ICAD July 2015 - Week 07

Prompt...typography. I did not care for any other promts/ideas.

Instead I decided to try 'dry wall mud' as a stencil paste instead. I was pretty pleased with the result. It is heavy though, and gritty of course.

Day 43

The stencil is one I cut with a wood burning tool from a plastic file folder. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. It is a good thing though that I was not heading for perfection ;-) but if I wanted perfect circles, I would enlist the Silhouette Cameo to help me out! The letters were stenciled on with wax pastels. (don't like the result..) The card is coloured with alcohol spray inks.

Day 44

Still playing with the stencil. This time I had coloured the 'mud' with a paint & ink mixture (left from when I did Week 5's cards.  This time I cut the letters (traced with a stencil0 from paper and stuck them on. It was sooooo nice to have a little rain after all the heat and sun the last weeks!

Day 45

I stamped an alphabet set onto the card and then stenciled with 'mud' through another stencil. Could not decide what else to do, so I sprayed it with ink...and called it done!

Day 46

When I first tried the 'mud' I had stenciled onto a few cards with a circle and square stencil. The rest of the cards use these, combined with craft paints, stamps and lettering.

Day 47

Exploring was really all I did this week. What works, what doesn't what do I like, want not. That sort of exploring, playing, experimenting and trying

Day 48

Got hold of a teeny tiny little eraser and carved the block pattern from it. I bet it's going to prove very useful in the future ;-)

Day 49

Finally...this card was only half stenciled so I finished it off with a bunch of water colours in blotches and curls. Pen scribbles adding just a little detail.

Monday, July 13, 2015

ICAD July 2015 Week 06

This week's prompts are for a series of board games. Find all the details HERE.

I like the graphic quality of board game designs and decided to play with those a bit. And coloured pencils. No collage this week. All of them to have that checkered border stamped around, hand drawn and coloured with pencils.

Day 36 - Backgammon (the purple border around the card is the clipboard it was sitting on...)

Day 37 - Draughts (checkers) This one sure brought back childhood memories!

Day 38 - Mahjong. Thinking about what to put on the tiles, I remembered that I have a PC version of Mahjong that has sweets/candies on the I decided to add my favourite licorice on there and some mints for colour!

Day 39 - Bingo  Not a game I play but I do like the idea of numbers and blocks.

Day 40 - Now this one I do enjoy playing, but thought how nice it would be to play with multi coloured dice ;-)

Day 41 - Bridge and gin rummy are both out o my league, but as I was reading 'London' by Edward Rutherfurd at the time, London bridge was on my mind and then any bridge is fair game, right?

Day 42 - finally Scrabble. Which is a game I do enjoy playing!

And that wraps up this week. This week was so very different from the previous weeks. It was interesting but not as much fun in the end. Still I think looking at the ICAD as a whole it will be a nice part of the whole.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

ICAD June - July 2015 Week 05

Day 29 - This week I liked the techniques and tools ideas, but not the daily prompts, so I went with that instead. (Find the info HERE)
Since it has been so hot and sunny here, I decided to go with a beach/ocean/vacation theme. I need no excuses to explore this theme!
Stamping and alcohol inks for this very simple card...

Finished off with a touch of shimmer on the versamark ink on that shell bg stamp.

I think it captures the shimmer on the water in the late afternoon.

Day 30 - The waves breaking on the shore...standing in the water (yummy!) looking out at the ocean. The shell I made as a paper cast taken from a mold made with polymer clay from a decorative button. It worked really well! The blue paper is done with bubble blowing, something I have not done for years! I forgot how much I like the results! The sand is dye inks and water colours.

Look how nice the backing/protective paper looks with all that spray by!

The bulky shell may be a bit awkward in the card box, but I sure like how it looks!

Day 31 -  Basically the same techniques. Just some variations and I'm not sure I like the colour added to those paper casts. It looked nicer in pure white...

Day 32 - The other half of the torn blue watery piece from Day 30. Here I don't like the dark splatters on the sand. I didn't realize (because I did not check!) how dark that brown colour is...until it was too late. Sigh. Still I do like the card as well as the coloured and trimmed out shell casts 

More of that dimension. I did paint some 'shadows' in under those shells too!

Day 33 - Still working on bubbled only slightly so. With paint drips and splatters and tissue paper stuck on. The fish I cut from postage stamps. I tried to retain the postal marks to identify these as postage stamps. Not sure it is all that clear. After all these images are pretty small.

Day 34 - Playing with the back ground stamp and decided to keep this one really simple. A little bit of enhancing here and there with white and some water soluble pencil. A few splatters and I didn't think it needed anything more. The bg is bubbled with some of the same paint mixture set to run/drip down the card.

Day 35 - Looking at this card, which I had bubbled a couple days earlier, it reminded me of what it looks like when you're surfacing after swimming totally underneath the water (my favourite way to swim) I liked the association so much, that I decided to keep it like that, only enhancing it in a few places. The hardest bit about making this card was to leave it be!

Here is a look at the card stock piece I made for use with cards or other projects. I could stare at it for ages...

Next week has a great selection of prompts/ideas. Looking forward to working on that set of cards!