Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hybrid Journalling

I really like making journal pages in Photoshop (and occasionally I use Artrage too) I appreciate the flexibility that the layers provide, the ease of designing and changing my mind. Trying out different techniques, colours etc etc.

Sometime I print these as is and have incorporated them into journals exactly as they came off the printer. Recently I adhered a printed page to a journal page and then went to work incorporating the printed piece into the book page. And I'm pleased with the result :

The printed page is 5" x 7" Each of the book pages is near enough 5 3/8" so that the spread comes to near enough 10 7/8"

I used similar colours, shapes and the general 'feel' of the printed page to make it 'fit into' the book page.

I mixed shimmer eye shadow with water and a touch of glue to add the shimmery details on the page.

The small dots were roughly stenciled on a background painted with acrylics.

Overlapping the print in places to blend the elements into a unit. I also stamped a quote from the printed page that I wanted to emphasize. ('full of wonder')

I'm looking forward to experimenting with more hybrid pages for sure!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Keep Me In Your Heart

I knew this quote needed to go into my journal pronto! I did end up making a card for hubby using it for the sentiment. You can see that one HERE

And this is what I did in the journal :

I kept it very simple as I wanted the quote to be the strong focal point. I used a loose letter alphabet that I picked up from Michaels for $1.50 long ago. 
When I first started the journal, I added some colour to each and every page. Some more, some a little. Some painted some with oil pastels. The idea was to make a start to facilitate quick page making in the future. And I tell you it works. It was tedious to start with, but I'm so glad now that I did it that way. The composition book pages are pretty sturdy, but they do 'shine' or show through on the other side when you use bold colour of felt tip markers. Something to watch out for.
The strip fabric and fabric heart I added long ago when I had these pretty remnants, but they were perfect for this quote. The stamps are 'Stitches' by Bo Bunny. A light spray of alcohol inks completed the page in record time.

So simple but it says exactly what I want it to say!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Meet The Eternal

 I found this quote in a book I just finished and even though he states the obvious, we don't always see it, or think about it in such 'simple' terms. That is what grabbed me about the quote.

However, at the moment I'm printing these in 5x7 format, so I re-sized it for that...

I used the 'Once In A Lifetime Collection' by Lonetta Avelar for this page.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Love Knows No Distance

Commiserating with my Mom many years ago, I mentioned how huge the physical distance between us is. She reminded me that love knows no distance. It doesn't change because we are separated by many miles.

I used Gypsy Couture's new kit 'Hypnotic Soul' for the page. The alpha is from her 'HoHoRetro' kit. (Kit no longer available)

It is time to scan a page or two from my journal again, to show you what I've been up to. I really enjoy working both in digital and 'real life messy' formats. There are pro's and cons to both. Perfection will lie in combining the best of both worlds...but that would be pretty difficult to do. Right now this is working for me though...

Sunday, July 21, 2013

2 Too

Ever felt like this?

Too fast
Too much
Too many

Like the volcano is building up pressure....I'm so glad I'm not feeling like this right now, but this was not so long ago....I like the way the type stamp fills the sky with busy talk. Just what I wanted...even if the stamp did not take equally well on the back ground. That is covered with oil pastel and gouche paint. Not sure why the success rate varied, but hey! It all adds to the randomness of a quick thought put on paper, right?

I'm not sure that this is actually finished either...most likely I'll stumble across it at some point in time and add a whole lot more busyness stuff to it. I would like to add more dimensional paint (like the lava) too, but for now I'm just seeing if it will stick to itself and maybe pull of the page, before I do anymore.
Experimentation is the name of the game.

Monday, April 15, 2013


Sadly neglected this blog, but I am journaling. In one way or another. Also sad is how busy my life is that I seldom get the chance to post stuff. That is just no fun.

At least I am ‘good’ busy. Winking smile

I thought I’d show you this double page spread I did quite some time ago now. Just needed to do something with a read pen on real paper, so I grabbed a quote that had made a picture in my head and sketched it out. It is all wrong in many places, but that is exactly why I have art journals. So I can make mistakes and ignore them. Not because they don’t matter, but because they are not the most important thing in my life. I don’t want to be ruled by mistakes. Real or imagined. So I just do it,, cringe, swallow hard….and move right on Open-mouthed smile

And in spite of it all I totally enjoyed doing this. Got more sketched, just need to add the colours etc. This is a good old journal from Walmart. I had watercolour washes on the page to start. The rest is colour pencil and some markers. Another reason why I like journals versus gallery art – I can use anything on those pages, they don’t need to be permanent or last. No lightfast requirements and all that stuff. Nothing to think about but what I’m doing. It forms a wonderful contrast to the controlled precise work I love to do. I could not do one style exclusively. I need to do both. That makes a balance for me.


I recently found a hard cover discarded book in good condition. I see an altered book in my future!



Thursday, July 26, 2012

In A Funk

A few weeks ago I found myself feeling really bleh. For no particular reason, just I decided to play in my journal until I feel better.
It worked. For a start that happy piece of scrap fabric makes me smile. I just cut the letters free hand, no planning. It was a meh page anyway. Dark colours and drab colours to go with the theme. Some dirty yellows and after scribbling, cutting, gluing and making a mess of my hands (I used oil pastels over an acrylic base) I felt so much better. And it was simple and quick. No art involved, just getting fingers dirty. Maybe that is all I needed.
Now the page makes me smile as I recall the evening. Win win. Gotta love that!