Friday, March 31, 2017

Maps and Travelling

My Mom and I had a shared love for maps and atlases. She could spend hours pouring over them and so do I! (and dictionaries, but that is another story - and another Index Card Journey)

For this series I worked in a batch, using maps, stamped images, inks and paints. The colours are subdued. That was the way I felt after the journey. Tired. Washed Out. Faded.

My Mom was great for taking pictures to record our memories. She left a treasure chest of black and white jewels for us to enjoy. This stamped image (Graphic 45 & Hampton Art) reminded me of her.

There is something so romantic about a harbour. It must be all those popular songs that always talk about travel, far places and love - lost and found...

For me a cruise ship holds no attraction at all. I don't care for hotels, so why I would want to confine myself to a giant floating one full of people is a baffling idea!

I'm off to get my dictionary definitions ready for the next batch of cards. I will try my best not to get lost in the dictionary itself!

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