Monday, July 11, 2016

Icad 2016 - Batch 02

Since i was travelling the first month of this year's Icad, I decided to take a bunch (about 30) index cards with me, ready prepped with some colour on them. I simply laid them out in batches on top of an art journal and took my trusty alcohol sprays to them. At least this way I had a beginning of colour and did not need to take too many art supplies with me.

The next batch of 5 cards completes the poetry collection. There were so many great bits and pieces I wanted to preserve, but decided they may go into art journals instead.

I selected from my pre-coloured cards those that have colours reflecting the mood of the poem. Once home I added more colour, some stamping and inking details.  I also added the respective poet's name onto most of the cards.

For the next card I stuck a feather on the card as the poem refers to a dropped feather. Not the right bird, but the thoughts counts I think! This card really 'made itself' as the saying goes. I add music notes as this ones has been set to music...

Next up : travel 'stuff'

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