Thursday, April 6, 2017

Travel ephemera

All these bits and pieces of papers and labels were just too interesting to simply discard so using travel ephemera and bits and pieces of scrapbooking papers, I set the 5 index cards next to each other to form a block so that I could stick and stamp across them all, creating a single image.

The next step was to cut them all apart again so I can add more details and finishing touches as needed. I like the gritty look of the black embossing on that small textured back ground stamp.
The heat from the heat tool also made those heat sensitive papers turn grey black. Nice touch!

I also incorporated some of my hand stamps, cut from erasers and bits of washi tape.

Snippets of papers reveal little clues of places visited....

...and of gifts from new friends...

The snippets of torn papers collaged beautifully and the muted colours still reflect the nature of the journey. Rich but draining, leaving me feeling faded. But there is lots of new spring green too!

A few details - that nice texture from embossing the texture stamp.

The subtle blending of collaged bits, over sprayed with alcohol ink.

And the super effects created by the alcohol inks on till slips. You just never know how media will interact until you try it!

And again - embossing textures, the effects of the heat onto the thermal papers as well as the alcohol sprays doing their own thing wherever the sprays land.

It is novel for me to work with such faded colours, but this was a good experiment and I am pleased with the results.

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