Monday, January 2, 2012

Digi or 'real'?

I recently did the page below in a small journal that I have.(you can see the edges of the book in the untrimmed image) The quote is by Stuart C Hackett and I found it in Lee Strobel's book 'A Case For Creator' Now I had a very definate idea of what I wanted to achieve, and yet, although not displeased, I feel it could have been so much better. I used oil pastels and stamping and added the little tags on the side to feature the quote in it's original latin.

I kept it simple and focussed on purpose, but I'm sure I will be doing that one again digitally in the near future. For me digital just has so many more possiblilties.

Here is another quote I did....there is a page in the book for it, but I was so unhappy with it, that I recreated it digitally so I can stick this version over the comparative insipid one in the book. It simply did not create enough drama on paper. See - ?

Of course I could have kept going untill I achieved the desired effect, but instead I opened up my digi paint programme Artrage (if you have not tried it, do yourself a favour and download the trial!) and painted a background to my liking. I then move the file over (layers intact!) to Photoshop where I added the text, brushes, overlay etc. All of this can be done in Artrage, but I like to do certain things in one programme and certain things in the other. Kinda like digi hybrid  ROFLOL

aaahhh much better.

I have a feeling this journal will have a lot of quotes in it. I'm going to have to pay attention that I don't make it too quote heavy! For some reason quotes (and song lyrics) spark inspiration for journalling in me, like nothing else does. After all, I have a box full of ATC's and journal prompts begging for attention too ;-)

ps I noticed, when I went to get the link, that Artrage has a GOOD sale on right now!


  1. I have decided to become a follower of yours today as your journal pages and Atc's truly inspire me to get creative again. thanks for sharing

  2. Thank you Julie! It is always exciting to know others are inspired by my 'playing' :D