Friday, February 5, 2016


At the moment I'm following along with making a set of index cards of techniques. I found this over at YouTube. Cat Hand is doing this series and I will be adding some other techniques into the mix as well.
I intend to have these just loose inside a box with the description of the technique on the back. I always enjoy trying something new and am having great fun with these so far.

Plastic wrap in wet paint. Red paint down, leave to dry. layer of yellow paint, apply the plastic while still wet, scrunch to make texture. Leave to dry.

Rubbing alcohol on wet paint. Orange paint on card. leave to dry. Add watery yellow paint and immediately drop alcohol into the wet paint. I did more of this on some journal pages and really like how it turned out. This example really doesn't do the technique justice in the least!

Glue resist - white card, glue and blue craft paint. The glue lines need to be thick enough to work, but not too hick and close together or they run into one another as did the spirals on mine. Wipe the paint off the glue.

Glue resist - blue painted card, glue, white and black paint over glue. I just wanted to see how well the paint will wipe off the glue resisted areas.

Over on the Facebook page for 'Mixed Media Morsels' someone posted the results she got with glue stick through a stencil and painted with sprays. This is the result I got. I wanted to see how delicate a pattern I can get. I did use my fingers to rub the glue through the stencil and finally sprayed it with alcohol inks.

This one is a stamped and painted with blue card to start with. Over that goes white tissue paper. I then added some yellow paint over top to see how well it would allow the blue to come through. Lastly I rubbed over the surface with and ink pad to catch and blacken the creases and folds in the tissue. While the (pigment) ink was still wet, I sprinkled some embossing powder over it to see what the results are. I like this one very much!

Yummy detail on the embossed area

Great texture here!

And finally for this post - inchies. I had a sheets of 'catching' book paper lying around, so I just stamped and sprayed it a bit more. Tore (rather than cut) it into inch strips, mixed the strips up, stamped and sprayed some more and finally tore them into squares. I really like the look of this and will have a lot of fun adding these to pages. For now I'm resisting the urge to do more here. After all this is supposed to be just a collection of techniques! The background on the card is just alcohol spray.

I'll be back with another crop of techniques in a while!

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